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In severe cases, the entire skin can be affected. Sometimes the mucous membrane of the oral cavity is also involved in the process. Darier-White disease can occur in the form of a bullous form (with the appearance of blisters on the skin of a rather large size), only single foci may appear. An isolated variant of Darier-White disease is a warty dyskeratoma. With this variant of the course of the disease on the skin of the rear of Flexeril pills and feet, the emerging bubbles look like warts. At the same time, such people often experience changes in the nails, there may be punctate keratoses on the palms and soles.

Some may notice a decrease in intellectual abilities. Quite often, this skin disease is complicated by infection, which, apparently, is associated with disorders of the immune system.

Treatment is carried out with vitamin A in high doses, as well as with Cyclobenzaprine drug tigazon. When the skin is infected, various antibacterial agents are used.

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  • Darier's disease, or follicular dyskeratosis.
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But very often, along with beautiful and not very features, long and not very legs and muscular and not very arms, parents give out to their children the genes of Flexeril family diseases. And they do it absolutely not on purpose and not from evil, and, in fact, without their consent.

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In general, in medicine, this disease is also known as Darier-White disease. This disease of the dermis, which, as we said above, is inherited. Failure at the gene level leads to vitamin A deficiency, thereby reducing the activity of certain types of enzymes, and also significantly reduces the level of zinc in the upper layers of the dermis, which causes keratinization.

It is characterized by the appearance on the skin of papules, or spherical nodules with a scaly surface. These knots are associated with hair follicles and can range in color from yellowish to brown or even brown, sometimes the papules are the same color as the skin itself. Nodules located on the folds of the body merge with each other, forming weeping wounds.

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From the place of localization, and from the appearance of Flexeril pills, the disease is divided into 4 forms: Localized form; the wounds are elongated, focal and asymmetrically located along the patient's body. Classic follicular form; rashes occur on the head, namely in the hairline area, on the chest, in the area behind the ears and in areas of large skin folds, and the papules are located symmetrically. Isolated form; along with standard nodules, multifaceted papules similar to warts appear, which, when fused, form plaques.